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I agree with the top left as Akro corkscrew. I am not attempting any of the others with these pictures to far away and this background. Need closer in focus pictures for accurate ids.  Plus accurate colors, even these two pictures the colors are different.  You will find one or two backgrounds that work good. Nothing shiny or slick. Neutral color, sometimes flat black works well on everything except black colored marbles.  Sometimes a gray t-shirt works fine.  Not to smooth and not to textured. Light neutral color background that does not match the marble colors. Trying different kinds of lighting, different type bulbs, different angles, daylight bulbs, etc. Background and lighting are keys. Next is getting close enough and staying in focus. Then two or four different angels of each marble showing the details.  We all have struggled with marble pictures. Most of us have found a set up that works well enough to present the marble best possible, as best we can with what we have. Trying to have it look like it does in hand. When people have to tell us what color we are looking at, that is not good and can affect identifications for sure. There are lots of marbles pictured here everywhere to compare your own with.  Some people use phones, some use cameras, some cheap cameras.  After three expensive cameras I settled in with a $50.00 point and shoot camera that does fine. I have four of those cameras now, because they are not any longer made.  It is has much background and lighting as the camera. It is a combination. 

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