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2 for Id help please 😊


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I have an inkling on the one but not the other. Unfortunately my pictures do not show just how empty the space is on the small (just under 1/2 inch) red yellow clear marble. Im just learning the ropes of marble photography & sizing for this site. Ive read the tutorials but if more or different pics are needed, let me know. Always so appreciative to have found y'all - jessie703998934_2023-01-1110_55_44.png.69ac77220ba6b4c3d53a7fce1e81f0a3.png

2023-01-11 12.48.14.png

2023-01-11 12.47.29.png

2023-01-11 12.37.25.png

2023-01-11 12.16.13.png

2023-01-11 12.44.53.png

2023-01-11 10.56.37.png

2023-01-11 12.49.46.png

2023-01-11 11.00.36.png

2023-01-11 14.19.40.png


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Both came inside of a collection of all older marbles. If that helps any. Mainly germans, Beningtons, bunch of Slags with a sprinkling of these USA mades. Just a bit over 5/8 but its not precise. Its got super clear glass and fat thick pure white going through those snotty colours. 

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