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ID help please. Rare Ravenswood marbles?


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Looking online for ID help regarding the marbles I have pictured I found a post on this message board from a user named Allen. He wrote up a nice long piece on Ravenswood marbles. In it he included a small write up on some rare ones and it would SEEM like he’s describing the marbles that I have (very old..in the family for many decades). 

He said, “ It is a very dark cobalt blue marble that appears almost opaque. When backlit - an internal pattern of cobalt clue in a clear matrix is seen in the same style as smoke rises in the air.”

I’m sorry I don’t have a measuring tool yet…but to describe what I have…the 5 smaller marbles seem to be a tad smaller than “regular” marbles and they are all slightly different sizes from each other. The larger of the marbles is about the same size as a “regular” size marble. The ONLY marble you can easily see the “smoke matrix” is the larger of the marbles and his 5 smaller brothers that I have…you can see the matrix but you really have to strain your eyes with the right light. Absolutely fascinating…. 


I apologize for not having better pics of the smaller marbles. I just can’t figure out how to properly backlight them.  (The 3rd pic of the glowing ball is an attempt I made at backlighting the larger of the marbles..I included it just because it’s kinda neat)

So any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and regards, 







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The big one appears to have Ravenswood ribbons with tracers but not familiar with that dark base. Probably not top of the line as to value or most collectable. The Red, Blue and green ravens are most in demand. Also any multi colored swirls. 


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