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2022-11-15 -- The making of Rolley Hole Marbles

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Hey all, here’s a link to an excellent small article on making Rolley Hole marbles. I have shared a few resources here and there but this one does a pretty good job explaining the process, though the best way to learn is to come on out to the 40th Rolley Hole this September! 



I like this link because it does a good job explaining some of the tools and processes, along with a good failed attempt involving a brick, a pickup truck, and a head injury. 

Making a marble is a labor of love and requires a lot of work. I won’t go into it but will let the article speak for itself. Past this point I will probably not be posting much until it gets closer to Rolley Hole time (unless some more resources pop up or old documents are found). Resources on this game are hard to come by but luckily over the past few years there’s been quite a few small articles here and there. 

for those who don’t know, the Rolley Hole tournament is at Standing Stone State Park in Hilham, Tennessee in September. There’s some resources online, in YouTube, and in my posts. Come June please check the Standing Stone site for marbles related programs and smaller events leading up to Rolley Hole. 

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