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5/8'' Corksrew ID help


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There is a certain flatness and dullness to this marble, almost non-relective maybe just weathered?

I have tons of beat up marbles but they still shine, not this one.

To show its lack of reflectivity I placed it in one picture next to some others with that milky or foggy tone, forgive me I don't know the terms yet. 

Any ID thoughts? 

Side note: This marble is not as vibrant orange as it looks in all the pictures on my lifesaver stand :) lol

That lamp tends to make things look extremely vibrant. The photo of it grouped in the iphone box is more accurate in terms of color









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Colors look right to be and Akro Imperial. For all the chips and scratches, it's what kids called a 'gutter marble'

In that I have 100's of dup-up, from marbles factories, industrial areas and lawns or privet homes. Glass doesn't get all chipped up on it's own when buried, concrete and asphalt are the usual culprits for this type of damage. A given that salvage hunters digging in old septic systems or poop pits and buried trash may find marbles chipped up however, surly, they were gutter marbles before they got there. Even ancient glass comes out of the ground without chips, unless it was beat before lost or while recovered. Acidic soils can etch surfaces but that too, does not chip it.

Here, as example; is a Dead mint. fire polished pontal, late 1880's or so, a Leighton/Navare that was dug up out of a privet home's yard where the ground freezes every year. It and others I have, mint recovered in dirt piles whenever the EPA conducted 100's-1,000's of homes, schools and factories, changed the soil around 2 feet deep. Was pretty cool digging in and  after it rained or in the spring, the dirt gets washed and glass on surface of those piles shinned for easy pickings:



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Thanks fire for IDing 2 extra ones :)

That Leighton/Navare is great, love those marbles with that mooniness.

I have never been OCD about anything in my life, but I may have just found the first thing, the elongated part towards to pontil, Ive watched the handmade process so I get it is that way.

But that actually is driving me crazy. Absolutely beautiful though.

I am going to have to get over this... as I'm sure ill see more of these, and If I ever want to own something as cool as this. Its weird cause I usually like anything that showcases

craftsmanship authenticity.  I think folds creases and pontils and all that stuff look cool, I guess I just like roundness.

Is it common to see that in the handmades? 



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I actually took my 2 "moonies" I don't know what they are, they're pretty basic looking, nothing like that, and just put a little polishing compound in my hand and worked them for maybe 20 seconds a piece and I was shocked how much they cleaned up



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