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Marble Bag... Brown Manufacturing Co.


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Here's my bag.


The Game of Chinker-Chek

The following was pieced together from various newspaper articles recently received on the life of Lawrence W. Brown and his invention of Chinker-Chek.

Lawrence W. Brown of Brown manufacturing company, Clinton, Missouri, experimented with a variation of Chinese chess starting in 1935.

The game he came up with allowed one to six players to be involved. In 1937 sales of this new game were limited to the Midwest and western states.

At that time, Ohio was the furthest state to the East that was supplied.

The boards were manufactured by Brown manufacturing company while the marbles used on the boards came in 100 lb. cartons and by the car load from one of the marble companies in West Virginia.

At one point Brown manufacturing was turning out 4,000 Chinker-Chek boards a day. The game board was manufactured with a patent pending but they were unable to obtain a full patent, for some unstated reason.

When the 7 year patent pending period ran out, other toy companies began making the game. Chinker-Chek is more commonly known as Chinese checkers.

Mr. Brown was born in 1881, East of Clinton, Mo. and died tragically in a gas explosion at his factory on April 4, 1960.

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Williams description is right on. I see these bags and boards everywhere around Kansas City. Clinton is about an hour from here. I also have a long narrow box, approx. 15" X 2' from Brown marked Chinker Chek with the same marbles. Must have been a later form of packaging.


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