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  1. Cold pizza the morning after makes the BEST breakfast.
  2. I think the black panther and pirate are actually one in the same. And yes a good possibility. I think the scorpion color is more orange then red and matches the above marble perfect but the swirls are very thin and not wide like the two above.
  3. I agree vacor but I was told circa 1990's and possibly experimental. (sorry about the dish-pan hands.) But If you look up all the vacor examples and they are pretty well documented, I have yet to see this one.
  4. One of my ALL-TIME favorites β˜…β˜…the Dude abides.β˜…β˜… Mike is a very talented artiste. Just check out his website. A lot of neat stuff. will get my barton balls' photographed and show them off sometime tomorrow. for sure.
  5. Bocci

    Woot Woot

    Great game. Why Seattle did not run it in instead of getting intercepted is BEYOND me. Oh well.
  6. WOW for sure. Love the colorful vitos and the master sunbursts the best.
  7. Anyone interested in the new creations at D.A.S. Marbles the guide has been updated. (see link below). Some nice stuff for the moderne (marble) collector. http://anythinggoes43567.yuku.com/forums/27/DAS-Marbles#.VMg0KWZOm2f
  8. Bob, I have been swimming in an old ball and claw tub for the last 28 years. I do enjoy a shower once in awhile but nothing beats soaking in a hot bath with a cigarette and a ice cold coke cola in hand. I like the pic, too.
  9. Thoughts and prayers. Scott, hoping you get well soon.
  10. Wow and ......why? That is a shame.
  11. Late like usual. Sorry about that. Steph, Hope you had nice one.
  12. That really SUCKS. REALLY. Sucks. jo-jo and everybody involved should be ashamed of this.
  13. Nice way to end the summer.
  14. Bob, I am still patiently waiting for a photograph.
  15. Yes aleecee they look like the cool crystal supermans from the test 4 (crystal experiment) run. There was just recently another test (5) crystal experiment run, too.
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