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  1. joesmarbles

    Just missing a friend...

    Steph, you have one of the last marbles Alan ever touched, your peltier honey amber banana is in Alan's capsule. He put it there shortly before he died. My mentor and my friend Alan Basinet(Buddy) Joe McDonough
  2. joesmarbles

    marble display boards

    Thanks Steph, best wishes.....Joe They are here for the taking.....Pick up only!
  3. Hi boys and girls, I am giving away all of my handmade solid wood marble display boards. Take one or take all first come first served. They hold 100 marbles each in an 10 hole x 10 hole pattern. I am in Wilkes Barre Pa. Any one interested contact me Joe McDonough at 570-824-0611. come and get "em!
  4. joesmarbles

    Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    Happy to share Sami.....Joe
  5. joesmarbles

    Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    Hi boys and girls, I was sorting through my desk and found a letter from the "Marble Lady" Cathy C Runyan Scavina from 1998. I had given her one of the Peltier Honey Amber Bananas for being so helpful to me. Turns out the one I gave her was the only smaller marble in the discovery. "It is the exact same size of some of the smaller Peltier marbles that can be found in antique necklaces and pins"(Cathy C Runyan Scavina). I had often wondered what happened to that little gem now I know, I gave it ti Cathy. Sami and Mike I thought might like to have this information. There is at least one little Peltier Honey Amber Banana out there. Best wishes to all.....Joe McDonough
  6. joesmarbles

    big news

    No problem Steph, sixty years of heavy lifting takes it's toll, it was to be expected.....Joe
  7. joesmarbles

    big news

    Hi Boys and Girls, this year's marble bag giveaway will be the last one. Due to a back full of arthritis and scoliosis, I have had to retire from Weis Market. The giveaway will take place with a co-worker doing the honers.....Joe McDonough
  8. joesmarbles

    big news

    Thanks Steph, it is going to be a great time again this Christmas.....Joe McDonough
  9. joesmarbles

    big news

    Here we go boys and girls this years marble bag giveaway at Weis market.....Joe McDonough
  10. joesmarbles

    big news

    the new marble bags are ready and photos will be posted soon, waiting on my brother to take the pictures and post them.....Joe
  11. joesmarbles

    big news

    The new marble bags will consist of six(6) one inch marbles, they fit well into the clear plastie bags.....Joe McDonough
  12. joesmarbles

    big news

    Thanks Steph, I will try to make it different as long as I am able to. I will post photos as soon as the bags are ready.....Joe
  13. joesmarbles

    big news

    Hi Boys and Girls, everything is set for this years marble bag giveaway at Weis Market. The Labels are being printed, fifty white label with green lettering and fifty green labels with white lettering will be given away at the Dallas Pa. store around Christmas. One change is the header reads "Weis Winners 2" and the marbles will be 1" marbles(one inch) I'll see how many fit into the clear plastic bag maybe 5 or 6. This is going to be great fun again this year.....Joe McDonough
  14. joesmarbles

    Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    Thanks Sami, it is a rare item.....Joe
  15. joesmarbles

    Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    Hi Sami, Would you tell Mike that I am putting my General Frank Merrill letter up on ebay. He may have an interest in it. Ebay listing will be seller mtmcdonough45. Thanks Sami.....Joe McDonough