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  1. Marble racing now viral videos. One video has over 700,00 views
  2. My wife has been sewing masks every day to send to our daughter who is a nurse.
  3. If you are on Facebook check out the Antique German marbles forum. Some unreal marbles posted there
  4. Thanks. On other sites people charge 100.00+ for marbles over an inch. Leroy did a lot of large marbles,Roany pony did about 100 smaller ones. I would send him a large bag of marbles and tell him to take whatever he wanted for his fee.
  5. Does anyone recondition marbles anymore?
  6. I hate it when I am at auctions and people pick up handfuls of marbles and let them rain down into the container. I will tell the auctioneer to put the marbles up front so they won't be damaged if I want to bid on them.
  7. My wife loves telling people she has my marbles insured
  8. Wish I could find someone doing this now. These were done by roanypony. I would save up about 100 mibs and send them to RP and have him pick out what he wanted for his fee and he would send me the rest back completed for no charge
  9. Some of my restored marbles. All were heavily damaged
  10. Swapped a lot of marbles with him. Have about 30 of his creations. He was one of the most generous swappers around John
  11. Have found other metallics these are the first cats copper-silver
  12. jten

    Until Pontil

    Rob there are no dumb questions everyone likes to learn. Some of the marbles could be rejects from the factory or dug up from a dump that had a fire.
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