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  1. I use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner they do not cost a lot. works great on pontils on handmades and my wife uses it for her jewelry and eyeglasses
  2. jten

    Awsome Marbles

    Check out Akro Agates
  3. I finally had the money and purchased a Nikon D7100 with a macro lens that cost as much as the camera. With the high megapixels it shows more defects than you can see with your eyes.
  4. Got up at 530 to get to this sale early. Pics for the sale were not clear but I could see a few popeyes. Jar of marbles was 35.00 it had 34 large popeyes put 2 regular sized marbles in the one pic,can't find my calipers to get exact size.
  5. Don't get me started with one of the worst the Red Cross a real scam.
  6. I'm going to raise the insurance on my marbles
  7. Woke up in winter wonderland. Just took the snowblower off of the tractor.
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