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  1. jten

    Until Pontil

    Rob there are no dumb questions everyone likes to learn. Some of the marbles could be rejects from the factory or dug up from a dump that had a fire.
  2. 2 metallic cats silver copper bands
  3. always loved the vitro one's and saved them have about 2 gallons of them in a jar
  4. Someone really needs to invent a drool guard for keyboards John
  5. Hi Nick Check out Marble Alans site for marble ID John
  6. I think it is outstanding. Thank you for all of your time that it took to put together John
  7. 2,3,4 look like akro corkscrews 5 Peltier
  8. jten


    Bottom right shrunken core?
  9. I'll go with the bullet molds mentioned by I'llhavethat1
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