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  1. I'll go with the bullet molds mentioned by I'llhavethat1
  2. Wind is roaring here gusts hitting 60 MPH with snow
  3. I have a bottle of the blue, yellow white popeyes somewhere don't know if they are by the same artist
  4. Bought them about 10 years ago. 50+ for under twenty bucks. Made by Daniel Ambrose Erie PA. Used a macro lens for the pics. Mibs are smaller than BB"s lost 1 in the carpet
  5. Whats better than finding a bottle of corkscrews I had forgotten while going thru mibs and cleaning up!
  6. Just finished clearing the driveway about 600 feet. Pics from a few years ago. Close to the same amount of snow here now. local kids have been out of school almost 3 weeks
  7. jten

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    2 and 3 peltier
  8. jten

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    1 vitro 3 slag
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