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    How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    Below zero here the dogs were ready for their morning walk but the 2 smaller dogs a border collie and english collie were limping from the cold before they left the yard, the german shepherd thought it was fine. We are just across the lake from you Steph at the top of Michigan
  2. jten

    Id help

    I think Steph was right the first time Akro cork, may be a broken cork
  3. jten

    Id please

    Wet the marble or put some vegetable oil on, it should bring the color and design out. Years ago people were coating damaged marbles with clear epoxy to cover damage and selling them as mint. The epoxy would eventually discolor or fall off
  4. jten

    Doctor Who

    I liked Torchwood a spinoff of Dr. Who
  5. jten


    Looks old to me
  6. The Marbles company is in Michigan's U.P. Just North of where I live. All of their older hunting equipment is very collectible and valuable. The patches are for cleaning gun barrels
  7. jten

    Doctor Who

    I have watched the doctor since the early 70's. Grew up near Canada and could pick up their stations added 2 more channels to the 3 we got in the Detroit area. 5 channels was more than the 3 you could pick up in the U.S. at that time. grew up near
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    Nifty stuff

    Had these in the 60's when I was a kid
  9. jten

    Id req.

    2&4 pelt 5 might be vitro
  10. jten

    Ok, glossary anyplace?

    or the way some sellers wet the marbles with water or vegetable oil to hide defects when photographing marbles for auction or sale. Some people also use a thin layer of epoxy glue to hide defects John
  11. jten

    Thrift stores

    I don't donate to goodwill they keep to much of the money. I support the salvation army almost all of the money is spent locally. Checkout how much money the top people make at goodwill and then check out how much the people make at the salvation army. there are also good local charities that run shops and put all of the money back in the local community.
  12. Was this price before or after the stock market crash?
  13. Four dogs no time to get bored. 2 Are border collies
  14. jten

    ID request

    looks peltier
  15. If you belong to facebook join the antique german marbles forum. Cover your keyboard you may drool all over it or fall right over if you are not sitting.
  16. Thought this was neat. see it at earthtosky.net/product/crystalball
  17. jten

    Id help

    I see some fractures
  18. jten

    What Are You Listening To Now?

    Have not found any good mibs for about a year listening to old rock Uriah Heep July morning
  19. Not a pop culture reference but my wife loves telling people my husbands marbles are insured
  20. jten

    Revisted id help

    25mm= 1 inch and 2.5 cm= 1 inch
  21. jten

    Revisted id help

    Nice one at that size whatever it is. It would be a keeper for me.
  22. jten

    Eaglet turning into a fledgling.

    My wife helps support wings of wonder in michigan a lot of states have chapters. They rehabilitate wounded raptors. She is a volunteer driver and picks up injured owls, eagles, falcons and other birds of prey and takes them to the rehabilitation center
  23. jten

    What Are You Listening To Now?

    Python lee jackson with rod stewart. in a broken dream
  24. jten

    Oxblood me thinks, but whos?

    Nice one
  25. jten

    Learn Something New Every Day-Ish

    I finally found out why everyone in Mayberry on the Andy Griffith show was so happy. no one was married except for Otis and he stayed drunk all of the time