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  1. is there a registry somewhere showing artists signatures. I need help identifying some signed pieces.
  2. This piece is well over 3 inches so I thought it would be well worth trying.
  3. I need help identifying who's piece this is. It looks as though it is signed Mir Dac.
  4. Bruening Glass Works 20157 Lake RoadRocky River, Ohio [email protected]
  5. Burning glass works... 20157 Lake RoadRocky River, Ohio [email protected]
  6. I need contact information on a restoration Guru
  7. Hi folks. My name is Tony and I used to have a resale shop which turned into an antique store. I have purchased several hundred marbles from people over the years. Now that I am retired, I have recently taken an interest in identifying and learning about what I have collected. Just another exciting journey in my life.
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