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Acme Realers

Maybe you knew this, maybe you didn't ...

Before Acme was comedy

th_post-279-1182934780.jpg th_post-279-1182934786.jpg . . (1) (2)

it meant the very best, the highest point, perfection!

th_post-279-1182934854.jpg th_post-279-1182934866.jpg . . (ads from 1902 and WWII)

So what do you name an "extra high quality" glass orb with "genuine onyx color with cloud effects in contrasting colors" and a "real" marbled base?

th_post-279-1182935538.jpg th_post-279-1182935546.jpg

What better than Acme?

(Love that ad! The realer is from PeltierMarbles.com.)

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Moss Agates

How many types of Moss Agate have there been? (officially or otherwise)

Kids played with 'em in 1883. Benningtons with shades of brown and green. These have some blue, but they'll do until I find a closer example.

th_post-279-1182987002.jpg . . (murmelwelt.de)

MFC made them. This statement was on Marblealan's M. F. Christensen page:

.... There was one additional type of slag marble produced by M.F. Christensen. These are oxblood slags (possibly called "moss agates" by the company), which have a very dark transparent green base and an oxblood swirl. These are uncommon.

Here is Bill Tow's moss agate avatar:


And of course there's Akro:


Any others?

Oh yes, there are rocks:

th_post-279-1182989309.jpg . . (Wikipedia)

Any more?

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Indian blankets:

th_post-279-1185930132.jpg th_post-279-1185930147.jpg th_post-279-1185930165.jpg th_post-279-1185930178.jpg

Some only consider the black/red/yellow version an Indian Blanket. And some only consider the ones with the yellow in the middle of the red to be Indian Blankets. [Edit: did I mean red in the middle of the yellow? ... Can't remember what is correcct. I wrote this too long ago. :)]

Here is a pair of Patry's. Some would only consider the larger to be an Indian Blanket.


source and discussion:
Marblelairium: known as, Indian blankets , no?


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th_post-279-1186017091.jpg th_post-279-1186017122.jpg . . (1) (2)

And here is a rare opaque hercules from the 1950's, complements of Bluerbird:

th_post-279-1203738175.jpg th_post-279-1203738181.jpg

Hercules Theme Music . . (3)

The lyrics so you can sing along laugh.gif:

Hercules, hero of song and story. Hercules, winner of ancient glory.

Fighting for the right, fighting with his might,

With the strength of ten, ordinary men.

Hercules, people are safe when near him.

Hercules, only the evil fear him.

Softness in his eyes, iron in his thighs,

Virtue in his heart, fire in every part,

Of the Mighty Hercules. . . (4)

(all MK)

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Bullet Molds:

Revolutionary War era bullet mold, from the Morristown National Historical Park:

th_post-279-1186632439.jpg . . (1)


18th Century

This mold was used to cast for musket and pistol caliber balls. Marked "IM," probably John Miller who also made molds for pewter cutlery such as spoons.

Brass. H 15.2, 2.5 cm

Morristown National Historical Park, MORR 1345

A British war re-enactor casting musket balls in another handheld mold:

th_post-279-1186632987.jpg . . (2)

The consensus is that the orb here, Bullet Mold? is an old musket ball. It appears to have been made in a three part mold.

And here you'll find some bullet mold marbles, in both the two-piece and three-piece styles:

Has Anyone Heard Of....

Bulletmold??, anybody know for sure?

Claw And Ball, I finally got one

Czech marbles also appear to have been made in the bullet mold style:

An unseamly question....or two.... (See Post #7)

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(Click pix to enlarge)

Cornelian vs. Carnelian?

As a mineral, the carnelian is the same as the cornelian. Here's a page describing the stone, Cornelian or carnelian. Here are sample pictures from that page:

th_post-279-1186709327.jpg th_post-279-1186709338.jpg

And here's a carnelian bracelet showing some of the brighter variations in color, from Earthen Vessel Designs.


But Akro appears to have thought the stone was nice enough to name two different kinds of marbles after it!

Here are examples from the Akro section of the ID Guide at Land of Marbles, along with the descriptions:


Akro Agate Co. - Akro Agate 'Cornelian'

Origin: Clarksburg WV

Opaque red swirled with opaque white. Superficially resembles a 'Brick,' but it is not oxblood red.


Akro Agate Co. - Akro Agate 'Carnelian'

Origin: Clarksburg WV

One of the 'Ades.' Orange/Brown and opaque white swirls in a translucent fluorescent base.

[update/edit/addendum: I don't think fluorescence is necessary]

Here's another Carnelian, this one with oxblood, from a Block auction.

th_post-279-1186711010-1.jpg th_post-279-1186711022.jpg th_post-279-1186711026.jpg

And then there's the M. F. Christensen American Cornelian. This is an old auction photo. I don't know who the seller was:


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