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Beyond the essential marble pages Links, many of us have found special favorites. Here are some of mine ... "only" the David Chamberlain articles for now ... I look at those so often I need to have them handy!

Feel free to add yours. One at a time or in groups, organized in themes or random, with comments or without. I'll leave them as you present them (won't try to merge them into my list).

Speaking of offsite treasures though ... have you see the updates at MarbleAlan.com? Looking good!

David Chamberlain's articles at Marble Mental

Champion Agate Company

Cairo Novelty Company, Cairo, WV (1946-1952)


Heaton Agate Company, Cairo, WV

Alox Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, Missouri

Ravenswood Novelty Company, Ravenswood, WV

Jackson Marble Company, East Pennsboro, WV

C.E. Bogard & Sons Cat's Eye Marbles, Cairo, WV

Root Beer Floats, Novas, and Pink Champagnes, Peltier Marble Company

Jabo 2003 Fall Classics

Jabo, Inc., Reno, Ohio, 2005 Marble Production

Jabo 2006 Article by David Chamberlain

Jabo Southwestern Style 2005

Additional articles are added from time to time. And links have been known to change. There's a summary of available articles in the archives at Marble Mental: David Chamberlain articles

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