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Links: Marble-related Collectibles


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Rough draft.

This section was hit hard by loss of old threads. What do you have? We'd love to see it!

Marble-related collectibles:

Wide-ranging displays and discussions:

For The Fun Of It

Pros And Cons Of Framing Marble Art, opinions and suggestions needed, please

Marble bags:

Old Marble Bags, anybody collect these?


Marble King Trophy, Berry Pink Tournament Item

Marble company ephemera:



Ephemera: Country Gentleman, Lost All His Marbles



Countries With Postage Stamps Of Ducks

Paintings, prints, sketches:

Marble Art

Ot Anyone Been To The Antiques Roadshow?


Look Who's Going To The La Show., darn hitch hikers


About A Million Marbles, Ebay plug (puzzle)

Someone once posted about marble themed notecards.

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If you're interested in owning cool marble-related things, check out Marble Bert's auctions.

And check it out soon. Don't know how much longer anyone could keep these things coming. Really great stuff!

Tournament winner medals, catalogs, postcards, statues of kids playing marbles, and on and on.

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