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No new marble pix to add yet.

But here's a pair of Fortune Telling Balls. As noted in Alan's auction description below, the amber is original to the box.

post-279-1185332322_thumb.jpg post-279-1185332331_thumb.jpg post-279-1185332337_thumb.jpg

Auction description:

This lot, A MARBLE CONSIGNMENT, consists of Czechoslovakian "Fortune Telling Ball" box (ca. 1930s). It has approximate dimensions of 2-19/32" (66 mm) by 2-19/32" (66 mm) x 1-1/4" (32 mm) and is in great condition with just some minor wear and a very small amount of crushing on one corner. It contains two 32-sided dice which are numbered 1-32, as well as "0" and "00" (the amber die is original to the box, and the clear one is just a thrown-in bonus). The original instructions are included, giving 30 different answers to one's fortune in the areas of love, luck, finance, marriage, surprise, and home; be warned, though...some of the answers are quite negative!

By the way, for actual Czech marbles you can find some links here, Original Packaging and Marbles From Outside The U. S..

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