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Links: M. F. Christensen & Son


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Note: LOM in front of a link indicates that the linked page is hosted by LandOfMarbles.com. MM indicates a link at Marble Mental. KC is the Kansas City Marble Collectors Club. Akron is AkronMarbles.com. WWW will direct you elsewhere on the world wide web.

M.F. Christensen & Son Company (1903-1917)

See also: the MFC section of Links: Original Packaging.

Various examples and discussions:

Fresh From The Wild (Post #4 has a photo of the sleeve of photos in the back of Cohill's M.F. Christensen and The Perfect Glass Ball Machine)

WWW: Martin F. Christensen (Christensen's entry at Ohio History Central)

Slags (aka Onyx):


Are All Mfc Slags Hand-gathered?

Slag Alert!!!!

Mf Christensen? (biggie)

Largest sizes?


I want to know more about Bricks. please..

Its Not In The Books (clear brick?)

Moss Agates:

American Cornelians:

AKRO PEACH BRICK (see dug cornelians on the 5th page, in Post #90)

Mostly Pix - M. F. Christensen & Son

Persian Turquoise:




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