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Very rough draft


Pinned discussions from the Restoration Q & A forum:

Hand Polishing, Restorers who hand polish / buff

Restoration Feedback!!, Whoooo Doooo You LOVE??? (or, not...)

Reconditioning, Restorers who use reconditioning machines

Alternative Restoration, Less "traditional" restoration methods

"cooking", Restorers who "Cook" / Reheat

Cleaning: (Please read all warnings before using methods discussed here. Some marbles are more vulnerable than others to caustic materials.)

I Dunno, Dirty Marble

Several threads now missing mentioned Barkeeper's Friend for cleaning marbles.

One mentioned Bon Ami as a less abrasive option than Barkeeper's Friend.

Quick fixes:

Temporary Fixes When Pondering Restoration, What's good for viewing? Any substances bad for surface?

Buffing, light polishing, hand polishing:

Hand Polishing Pads,etc

One brand of diamond pads mentioned in old posts was Swiflex.

More extensive restoration:

(for example, filling in missing glass from broken marbles)

Polished examples:

Before & after pictures:

Reconditioning, Restorers who use reconditioning machines

A Strange Occurance....

Grime Shine, My First Lou's Member Results

To polish or not to polish?

Polishing can do strange things to pelts.

Reworked marbles & new marbles made from old glass:

Cullet marbles

An Ad For A 1&5/8 Mfc Oxblood ??????

Thoughts On These Two Mibs?, just for fun... and contemplation...

Faked pontils

Wissmach glass, glass used to make furnace marbles

Other discussions and debate:

Grime Shine, My First Lou's Member Results

Polish Or No Polish??????

How can you tell when a marble has been polished?

23/32 Amber Base Guinea-cyclone (interesting discussion about possible signs that a CAC guinea has been repaired – I personally am not suggesting that the guinea in question was repaired, merely that the discussion is interesting.)

I Got To Wondering After The Speculation (follow-up discussion)

Showin' Off, 3/c GP Brick

Bubbles In Marbles

Somewhere there is a page with a sphere grinding machine and instructions; one of the old threads had a link to it.

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