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Links: Features In Marble Construction


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Still working on this ... from time to time. Suggestions are welcome.

Discussions and illustrations of salient features in marble construction:



Single Ground, Faceted Pontil Marble

Burn Pontil?

Web Page About Japanese Pinch Pontil Marbles

akronmarbles: Marble 'Pontil' Variations

Please Tell Me More About These, WONDERFUL Old Marbles!! I think they.... (original photos missing, post #3 has some clear photos of faceted pontils)

Questions About Marbles With Pontils


An unseamly question....or two....

Red Slags


A True Conundrum, Some CACs are just wrong (what is a seam? How many seams could a CAC have? How did seams get made by machines? and how did other seam-like features get made?)

9 & tail (and cut-off lines?):

Are All Mfc Slags Hand-gathered?


Slurp A Lot Of Lurv For Nines

Cut Lines ???

Turkey head:

Time To Eat


Alley Flames A Question Please.

Corkscrews other than Akro?

Non Akro Cork, lets see yours


Interesting Marble

Id Please

No Clue On This Drizzle

"Reverse twist" on Pelts and others:

Looking For Some Education, Identifying Marbles


MM: Calligraphy Marbles?



Diaper Fold Or Two-seamed Striped Opaque ??, 11/16" Christensen Agate

Road and Tunnel:

Would Either Of These Be Considered A "road And Tunnel" Design?


Marble Furnace Question

Here Is Found One....

Couple O Hgs

Hand-gathered/handmade, The difference is..?

Bullet Mold:

Has Anyone Heard Of....

Bulletmold??, anybody know for sure?

Claw And Ball, I finally got one

Something Different


Handmade Or Machine-made? Hand "gathered"? (read the patent. try to picture how the press works!)

Oxblood Examples & Discussion:

Oxblood Examples

akro 00 box!

German Ox, where was ya

Show Us Your Slags With Oxblood!

Oxblood Patches And Swirls

Oxblood, Why is oxblood so variable from maker to maker?

Green Brick??

Odd Shooter Oxblood's Any Clue

Akro, German Or Somthing Else?

Horsehair oxblood:


Have No Idea As To What This Is, But I believe it has Oxblood on the surface (Horsehair)

Oxblood?, Akro?, WVS (if so, which Co.?)? (most of the pix are gone, but there's a nice swirl in post #7)

Horsehair Examples?


Ebay Plug - Some Nice Ones This Week! (super pix)


Yellow Adventurine, On Pelt's of course

Red Aventurine, Better look hard at your WVS's

Id Marble Help Please (Alley Agate swirls)

Pee Wee Blue Green Alley Aventurine Swirl, BLUE GREEN ADVENTURINE SWIRL

Sunshine And Aventurine, a good combo

Peltier Bumblebee Copper And Chromic Oxide Aventurine, yep green aventurine along side the black aventurine. (Akro Royal)

Unusual Aventurine?


Got Mica ?, mmm ... sparkly

Egg yolk:

For Jay ... What Exactly Is Eggyolk?


Id Please.. Chocolate Cow Peltier Nlr?, brown/blue/white

Metallic Marbles?

Swirls, Metallics, Cacs: Id Confirmations Needed

2 Metallic & 1 Pink Peltier (coppery?)

There was also one which looked like it had a gold nugget inside ...

Vaseline Glass (and other fluorescent marbles):

Blast from the past - Bloodies (fun fluorescing mouseover at the linked site)

California Sulfides, Anyone have pictures?? (has a link to a Land of Marbles thread discussing fluorescence as a sign of age in sulphides)

Bought Uv Blacklight - Pretty Cool ???results??, Added tools to help ID, still not so cut and dry

Vaseline Glass?

LOM: Porcelfrit that glows (historical note about government requisitioning uranium)

Pistachio ... Who Used It? (Ron noted about 70% of Alley pistachio glows)

About colors:

Vitro Tri-lites

Pistachio ... Who Used It?

Did Anyone Make Pink Marbles?

MFC Red? (the prevailing theory is that MFC didn't make red slags)

Akro Black? Anybody's black?

About sizes:

Sit A Spell And Tell Me More About Peewees

What Is The Biggest Marble ...

Errors and variations:

New Theory On The Origin Of My Purple Vitro Banana

Burn Pontil?

Non-Akro Corks

Bifurcated Pelts


Double Ingots:

Double Ingot Marbles, 3 dug at the old Akro Agate factory

Double Ingot, catseye

Triple Ingots:

Triple Ingot Marbles

Alternating Latticinio's Blue/green?, or other odd one's

Are You Ready For Some Footballll??!!!!, let's see some your favorite errors (see post #21)

Footballs, buttons and other shapes:

Are You Ready For Some Footballll??!!!!, let's see some your favorite errors

Same cane handmades:

End-of-cane handmades:

Slurp A Lot A Lurv For Handmades, I got carried away with the handmades

End Of Cane Cloud ?, End of Day Four Panel Onionskin?

End-of-run machine-mades:

End Of Cane Popeye

Same run machine-mades:


End of day?

Lobed Shrunken Core......light Green Glass, but is it end of day or cloud?

Ceramic Glazes:

Creases and Folds:

Butt Cracks?

Who Do Ya Think.....

Buttcracks Please

"Anemic" Marbles:


Has Anyone Heard Of Pigtails


Bubbles In Marbles

Mica In A Pelt ?, look at this !!!!!!


Lemme' See All Your "junk" Mibs!!

Peltiers (golden debris)

Oven Debris, and value

Orange Peel, and other surface texture issues:

Orange Peel Surface On Peltiers

Calling On The Marble Minds!! (Frosted surfaces -- wear, water damage, intentional, ...?)

Fried Marbles:

How To Fry Marbles


Only One Of These I've Seen - Thoughts? (painted marble?)

Other Discussions About Marble Making:

An Ad For A 1&5/8 Mfc Oxblood ?????? (making marbles from cullet)

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