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Orange Latt.


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That's nice. I've got one that has a diameter of about 2 1/16th inches that I'm selling on Ebay tonight for my mom. Not sure if the core is Dk Orange or Brown on mine though. Hope it does well for her, it's one she's had since she was little. Although it is either dk orange or brown, it has one white strand in with the it, I thought that was interesting.

Don't know if these will show up or not, but hopefully these are pics of the latt.

Been awhile since I've posted on this board, so I hope I've done this right.

Take care,





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If you just type it in with the http: it will just make them a link.

To show them as pictures on the post click on the little rectangle picture on the reply form.

Here they are:




Very nice! Love the single white latt line.

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