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  1. Pretty sure this little fellow is a Vitro (other opinions welcome). It was in a mixed 1950s/1960s lot with a bunch of Vitro Tiger Eyes. Transparent core with an off white overcoat and stripes of white, blue, green, lavender, yellow, dark red and blended orange.
  2. On these yellow and green cats the vanes glow in UV light and the base glass glows on these orange cats.
  3. Thank you all! CAC it is.
  4. This flamey fellow was in a box of rocks in my neighbor's garage. I first thought Alley, now I'm not sure.
  5. Thank you for showing the picture! Steph, here's the marble backlit, than darkened to show structure. Could be Master. https://goo.gl/photos/JQrui8E7VnKQdkMK8
  6. They are machine made. With a bright backlight you can see nice straight seams. They do not have a glow. Can you make the image show? I had no luck with the two image codes I know.
  7. Found at a yard sale today. $6 https://goo.gl/photos/W5q5QwoHZYYVAgT27
  8. hrjane


    The Google service is new to me. I think the link will work now. I don't think it was "shared" before.
  9. hrjane


    I got mine Monday. I made no special requests. All my frit/cyclones are colorless base. The mix was about 50/50. I was hoping for enough tornado/cyclones to fill a solitaire board and I got just enough. Many of the handgathereds were "muddy" toned, but, I got enough cool ones to make me happy. Trying again in album form. Three types of frit, My favorite 9s, and The rest: https://goo.gl/photos/ArFHvzFNnTjEKTDe7
  10. Also, found a cool oxblood paperweight for $2.50.
  11. I found a few goodies in a small jar of marbles in a second hand shop recently. Mostly Akro, and a cool first off cane handmade.
  12. The dog itself is a common "toy" given to children in the 1930s-1940s. The added color striping is rare. I've only had one of hundreds with added stripes (a tiger). That may well have been added by an Akro employee. The usual coloring was just a splotch or two of glass.
  13. missing two marbles. Not in picture: a wood top to spin in the middle. I think you get points for the marbles you displace.
  14. Cats eyes - the orange have glowing base glass and the other two have glowing vanes. Master Marble - banana cat type : yellow turns orange in blacklight.
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