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  1. This Prima Agate was dug up at the Peltier Factory. Gifted to me a few years ago.
  2. Thanks for the response. ....So the temperature changes affect the base glass, this is great info and explains why there is so much variance in the bases. Considering bifurcated based marbles such as the peltier below.................would this occur from a change in base glass or from a divided base glass tank?
  3. Some serious flame-age there....thank you for sharing.
  4. No wordplay Steph just a fun pic. This little guy was my pet bug for a photo session. He would land on the marble, then land on my hand whilel I was photographing. For at least 10 minutes back an forth. Didn't have the heart to swat a fellow marble lover.
  5. Why do some marbles show filaments in a transparent base? Sometimes filaments of a color different than the base glass. Were there two colors for the base? Or just one? This Peltier has white subsurface filaments in an orangish-yellow colored glass, is it part of the base? Or something else? Any technical info anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated as it is a mystery to me.
  6. 1 vote for Foreign Cat.
  7. Or maybe it's like the ink blot test.........I'm seeing what I want to see. The red dot is its eye.
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