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  1. No orange peel.. Was the first thing I checked for cause my first thought was vacor as well. I personally like a lot of vacors, provided the glass is nice and smooth.
  2. Right on! Those are pretty sweet! If you don't mind my asking, what did you pay for your mini marbles? Just trying to get a feel for what people are willing to pay for them, in case I ever decide I'd like to try selling them. Lord knows I have enough of them, I could prolly stand to get rid of a few. Hehe. I just have a hard time putting a price on things I make and usually end up under valuing myself. 🙄
  3. ... is making things out of glass. Mainly COE 104, otherwise known as soft glass or soda-lime glass.. But occasionally borosilicate as well. Some of my favorite things to make are these tiny marbles. It's really tricky trying to figure out how to recreate the patterns of classic machine-made mibs on such a tiny scale. Some of my smallest ones are only about 2.5-3mm diameter! I like to put them in glass alcohol sample bottles especially because they (the bottles) are scaled down versions of their normal sized counterparts, so I end up with perfectly miniaturized version of the class
  4. Nobody else has any opinions they'd like to contribute? Bummer, they're such great looking mibs.. I'd hoped there would be more discussion.
  5. It's hard to see in the pics but the last one has a large patch of sky blue on it, as well as the green and white.
  6. That would be the one! Thanks for the confirmation! 😁
  7. I had posted these already but they were in a topic with way too many other mibs so I'm reposting them in they're own topic so they don't get lost in a sea of pictures again. Heh. 0.595"
  8. IIRC it is.. I really like it though. Well, I actually like a lot of Vacors, tbh. They make some nice looking mibs. Anyways, here it is, coming in at 0.604"..
  9. I'm leaning toward Jabo on a few of these but not 100% sure. Any help us appreciated. Thanks for looking! 0.614"
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