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Links: Ravenswood Novelty Works


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I'd like to call this a rough draft but unfortunately it's almost complete. I haven't found a whole lot about Ravenswood!

Ravenswood Novelty Works (1931/32-1954/55)

See also Original Packaging

Original advertising:

Ravenswood Catalogs, authentic or Repro?

Various examples and discussion:

Ravenswood Novelty Marbles - A Review Of Varieties (phenomenal thread)

Ravenswood Shooter ???, ...and a Nameless NLR (brief discussion of Ravenswood sizes. I've seen other discussions somewhere; I'll look for the links.)

Mostly Pix - Ravenswood (the catalog, a nice mesh bag, a Paul Bunyan bag, and more)

What Can You All Tell Me About This? (Genuine Old Fashion Marbles bag)

MM: FINALLY -- A RAVENSWOOD ARTICLE!!! (David Chamberlain's Ravenswood article at Marble Mental)

Marble Id Help, White base w/blue swirl (Ravenswood vs. Alley)

More examples:


Flames/swirls: Id Confirmation Needed

Comprehensive Paul Bunyan discussion:

MM: 1" yellow based, 4 color patches....foreign or domestic? (this link goes to page three for Ron's explanation)

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