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I'm not certain how many more champion threads we have but I'm sure there are some. Especially in the category of new old fashions and furnace scrapings.

Champion Agate Company (1938-present?)

See also Original Packaging

Various examples and discussion:

Champion's Last Years?

Ravenswood Shooter ???, ...and a Nameless NLR (reference to Champion shooter size)

Mostly Pix - Champion Agates

MM: Champion Agate Co. (an article by David Chamberlain)

Champion Agate Appreciation Show & Tell

Assorted Swirls:

Some Cool Champion Swirls

A Champion, Me Thinks (The pix in Post #7 are labelled Mid70s.)

No Clue On This Drizzle

Need I.d Help. Just In Today.

Pelt Tracer Or Not?, ID Help Needed.


Id Please.. Chocolate Cow Peltier Nlr?, brown/blue/white (Oops. I deleted my pic because it was too big. I'll replace it. :-)

Swirls, Metallics, Cacs: Id Confirmations Needed


Cac Cyclone?

Furnace Scrapings/Wissmach:

Furnace Champions ????, Is it just me.............

A Marble

Champion Agate Appreciation Show & Tell

Old Fashions:

New Old Fashions:

Looks Like A Champion New Old Fashion?????, or am I seing things??


Mostly Pix - Champion Agates

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