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Most extremely rough draft! But I've been meaning to have a section like this, and Kevin's thread had slipped off the first page in the main forum, so here's the start.


Note: LOM in front of a link indicates that the linked page is hosted by LandOfMarbles.com. MM indicates a link at Marble Mental. KC is the Kansas City Marble Collectors Club. Akron is AkronMarbles.com. GA is Glass Addiction. WWW will direct you elsewhere on the world wide web.

Background & Lighting:

Photography Tips

GA: Marble photography?

Issues with focus:

Taking Pictures, what is the best background for good clean pictures? (place saver until I come across a better link :-)

Issues with color:

Light Blue Cac (another place saver until I come across a better link :-)

Getting to the core of the marble:

Underwater photos:

End Of Cane Cloud ?, End of Day Four Panel Onionskin? (See discussion starting at Post #6, and photos starting at Post #21.)

Mmmm Sparkly

Backlighting (or underlighting):

Vitro ...goldfish... Kewl Shooter, hook um"

Purple Ribbon Pelt

Decent Digital Camera That Is Inexpensive

Coudn't Stand It

Thanks Y'all For Missing These!, ebay mail call!

Not A Closet Marble

Camera models and attachments:

Decent Digital Camera That Is Inexpensive

Special effects:

More backlighting!

2 Uncommon Commons

Photo editing:

Other discussions and tips:

Digital Camera Question

GA: We can do better. (very cool! hope all the links still work when you see this!)

GA: Marble Photography Article (a link to a pdf version of an article by Brian Bowden, published in Flow Magazine)


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