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Marble King Patches


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Below is a comparison of two Marble King marbles. One is a vintage Watermelon which Bob Block recently sold at auction, perhaps made in the 1950's or 1960's. It would have been sold as a Rainbow, and is what is called a Patch & Ribbon style.

The second is a modern version of the Rainbow, I think from the 1990's or later.


Note: Some people call the modern marbles with this particular color combination Ninja Turtles. Some say they "have Watermelon colors". Some people outright call them Watermelons, which I believe to be a mistake.

Note #2: This is a simple enough subject, so I hope I have it right. If I don't, please let me know so that I don't perpetuate any misconceptions! Thanks!

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More Marble Kings for comparisons:


Here is a collection of 1950s MKS

Here is a set of year 2000 MKS

And a set of translucent 2001 MKS

This picture shows the Patch Ribbon Patch of a 1950s style Spiderman

And this show the newer MK watermelon:

The new can look decieving from cetain angles - but the top patch completely covers the surface - so its only a Patch / 1/2 Ribbon/ Patch --- if that makes sense...

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Hi marblemansion, Nice to meet ya. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures, they are gorgeous!

Does it seem to anyone else that the colours in the 1950's ones are more vibrant? They look umm..a lil more intense on my tv screen.

Sure is helpful having comparisons.

:-) Felicia

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