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First Run Pelts


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Hello Steph,

I just called Boyce Lundstrom to get the right figures.

These were the blue marbles in the blue bags that he gave to the kids at the 2002 ( I think ) Ottawa marble show.

There were about 2000 marbles made and 100 bags, each with one hand full of marbles, approximately 18-20 per bag.

He gave out maybe 60 bags to kids, and 20 more bags to close friends, and kept the rest for the future. The remainder of the loose marbles we sprinkled in the streets around the factory and the nearby school yard. He owned a house across the street from the factory, with a large window on the front, and we had a blast watching kids find them and some old banana marbles that we also sprinkled about.

Thank you for asking,

mike b.

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