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A Little More About Prize Names


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The definition usually circulated of prize names is "corkscrews with two opaque colors".

Pretty sure that's too restrictive. Different degrees of transparency and maybe translucency occurred in the style Akro called prize name, right?

Photos of boxes make it seem that way to me so this sounds like a rhetorical question, but I've mistaken opaque Akro glass for transparent before, based on strange blending, so ... seems like a good thing to get a confirmation for since I've never seen the boxes in person.

And what were the original prize name colors?

The 1931 ad in AMMM where it says "The Akro Agate Line Is Complete" says they have "five different combinations of two-color stripings: blue with maroon; green with orange; cream with red; black with yellow; orange-yellow with blue".

But the two pix I've seen which had the presumably 1929 or 1930 prize name contest coupons in the box had a wider assortment than that. Ten kinds in each box, yet not quite the same as each other, and not all five of the combos listed in the ad.

These are the two boxes I saw with the coupons accompanying them:

post-279-1211664207_thumb.jpg post-279-1211664215_thumb.jpg

Any one with more info or strong opinions on what the earliest varieties were?

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