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Having Trouble Loading Page


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Hey Lou. Pardon my computer illiteracy, but whenever I click on the page in my favorites, the page won't fully load. I think its the Pay-pal link. Like it locks up. If I close my Explorer it tells me to end now, then when I open it again, click on the site again, it loads completely the second time, except for the Icon on the left at the bottom of the page. Anyone else having trouble. Is it that something I have is outdated? I'm so not computer savvey. Its no biggie, it loads the second time usually, I just thought someone could maybe tell me what I need to do to correct it.

Also, I tried to submit a donation via the icon but it wouldn't let me. Maybe its my security settings or something. Can I just send it to that e-mail address(the one that's listed for you on the icon donation page) by not going through the icon on the page? Thanks Lou.


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