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  1. Happy belated birthday, Rick. -Dave
  2. Nice job, Burt. That box is the nicest of all of the Tribute runs for sure! -Dave
  3. Happy Birthday, Paula. Piscies Rule! -Dave
  4. "JABOs are current. They are what is happening today." "JABO is the Microsoft of the future if you choose to look at marbles as an investment" Wow, that sounds awesome! Do you think I could make money with Jabos? How much of a gain do you think I could realize on a marble? This is all very exciting. My Grandmother was just talking about something that might get her a better return on her money. Can you give me some figures? -Dave
  5. Yeah, I definitely prefer his earlier work. He made some Bomb Champions! Somebody should write a book about Champions. -Dave
  6. I have such a hard time with most patches. The MK's with the wider equitorial band always get me, some will call them Vitro, some will call them MK, and in my opinion, unless you know the source, who knows. I think some of these types can be very similar. Look how many "Pepsi" marbles are in that MK bag in your photo. What's the story behind these? Didn't Berry Pink conduct test marketing that showed that kids favored red in their marbles or something like that? I think he would give them a handful and have them choose the ones they wanted and then note which they took, with the red ones being most popular. I think Ron related the story recently how the All Reds were named such because when rolled, they look entirely red. I find it so interesting that these companies were in such stiff competition with each other. I figure that's why a lot of their marbles look alike. Just my two cents. -Dave
  7. Hey Lou. Pardon my computer illiteracy, but whenever I click on the page in my favorites, the page won't fully load. I think its the Pay-pal link. Like it locks up. If I close my Explorer it tells me to end now, then when I open it again, click on the site again, it loads completely the second time, except for the Icon on the left at the bottom of the page. Anyone else having trouble. Is it that something I have is outdated? I'm so not computer savvey. Its no biggie, it loads the second time usually, I just thought someone could maybe tell me what I need to do to correct it. Also, I tried to submit a donation via the icon but it wouldn't let me. Maybe its my security settings or something. Can I just send it to that e-mail address(the one that's listed for you on the icon donation page) by not going through the icon on the page? Thanks Lou. -Dave
  8. THAT BOX IS INSANE!!! -Dave
  9. That amber-based one with the light blue/white ribbon is really cool. -Dave
  10. Steph, I assume you are talking about Peltier's marketing names. That's not as fun as collectors names, of course and would require me to crack some books, so I'll lay muddies and woodies on the table. LOL. -Dave
  11. I've heard that if you eat the marble, you'll hallucinate. -Dave
  12. M.F. Christensen and the Perfect Glass Ball Machine -Dave
  13. Sorry about that. Hey Brian, umm...I'll just come out and say it: I think you guys should reprint your book. I bet a lot of people, myself included, would love to read it. I would imagine you could take advanced sales. I mean its none of my business, I just thought I'd get it off my chest. -Dave P.S. Of course, I obviously no nothing about publishing. It would be cool, though!
  14. Here's a neat link: http://www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/www/geology/geoldvss.htm I believe that the early marble makers and glass manufacturers made all of their own glass in house. I don't know when the idea of recycling glass came into being. Or when other companies started buying other company's cullet. I figure everything was pretty secretive in the early, competitive days. It's my speculation that it was high caliber chemists such as Arnold Fielder, which gave both Akro and CAC(for which he also apparently worked) their high quality glass and vivid colors. JMHO. -Dave
  15. Hey Steph. I'd have to look up any particulars, but I think an abundance of the type of sand which facilitates good glass making(a ton of glass companies hailed from WV), as well as cheap natural gas supplies. I know gas is the reason Akro moved from Akron to Clarksburg. The gas was much more available there and so less expensive. -Dave
  16. Thanks for copying that, Sue. I agree it's a bunch of malarky, funny though. And people wonder how we, West Virginian's, maintain our "poor" reputation. I agree with you also, Alan, that some adherance to archeological techniques and documentation could go a long way to sorting out some questions collectors might have. However, I never see them using back hoes on the Discovery Channel. LOL. Hopefully some cool marbles will surface at least. It sounds like a great story to get on Jerry Springer and the publicity would be great for the marble community. "My girlfriend ran off with a guy with a back hoe who is stealing my marbles." "Get on the pole...get on the pole...get on the pole..." LOL. Priceless stuff. -Dave
  17. Check this S#$% out: Alright, I can't get the link to work. Hold on. Try this, go to "Major Dig..." http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZkolieclify -Dave That works. its the auction with the pic of the white spiral. Craziness, but corroborates the Hardy story.
  18. Yeah, fantastic work, Roger! Thanks for the great reference. -Dave
  19. I believe this is may be farmland, Alan. Like an off-site dump area. I think they had several locations where they'd dump. I think Roger said the name of the guy who owned the land but I didn't pay attention to these details. I'll ask Roger again next time I'm down there. -Dave
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