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  1. Gary...when someone does this - all of your questions will be answered: Can someone smarter than me link my posts (with photos) from the EAGLES run? (last November) purrty please?
  2. Sue...interesting thing is that Jabo requested the run be done on that day for the show taping. We were at the Vegas show at the time. It cost a small fortune to change the flights to get to OH. you'd think they could have at least mentioned that it was a private consumers party! It was interesting to see on tape (for all the world) where all the lutz ended up! just saying...
  3. Well, now I know where all the lutz marbles went. Too bad the investor didn't get what was paid for.
  4. You are so out of line. Sad part is, you probably think that you're funny. Get a life.
  5. How can you be so stupid when you should be smart? (She can be cold and still be inside. duh.) good luck with the storm, Steph...and anyone else in it's path.
  6. Thanks Al! good catch...I must have been having another "blonde" moment! Tuesday, December 8th!!!
  7. In light of tomorrow night's airing of the Jabo EAGLES run on "Dirty Jobs", I thought it would be fun to resurrect this thread. Making marbles: Dirty Jobs w/ Mike Rowe...Discovery Channel...Wednesday, December 8th, 2009
  8. Happy Birthday my friend...I hope you're having a wonderful day!
  9. thanks for the tease! It'll be good to finally see it...it was a very exciting day.
  10. Is it appropriate to copy and post from FB? Since our info is only available to people we have "approved" as friends, we at least have a bit of control over who sees what. Just thinking out loud...(I'm sure this will open a can of worms...) peace...
  11. Sweet! What a great idea! I love youtube...and added it to my FB page.
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