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  1. Found his big cousin

    Nice.... what's up cuz!
  2. Favorite Pelt Rainbo

    Simply beautiful...
  3. CAC flames

    I have a few that nearly look to have a oxblood type feel... Nice flame!
  4. Display Case

    Two I made recently a large pine display and a hardwood rifle cases.
  5. What is a "snotty" CAC?

    Galen, please explain. Wouldn't this also throw into question the blue lace and others?
  6. What is a "snotty" CAC?

    Very Nice! I really like the one with all of bubbles.
  7. I.D.ing my marbles

    Talk about cold... We will be in the minus here. Looks like an Alley.
  8. Ebay auctions make my head hurt

    Totally agree. I know I have taken my share to the chin. I didn't report him, but if I find out he lied to me I may have a few choice words for him!
  9. What is a "snotty" CAC?

    That's interesting! It's a snotty cyclone/cobra. LOL No I'm not sure.
  10. Ebay auctions make my head hurt

    I bet your right! I don't like sour grapes.
  11. Ebay auctions make my head hurt

    The auction has 425.00 or best offer, so at first I offered 300.00 without really looking over the marbles, so after looking at them for a bit I said hell it's worth every bit of what he asking for so, I just bought them. He said he had several offers, which still doesn't make sense, because I gave him the asking price? I think what happened was I bought them and someone else offered him more and he canceled my transaction. I asked him if that was the case and he said no. He said he wasn't sure what he had, so I filled him in on what he had and also told him about the marble connection and Steph's study hall. He did mention that he was going to list them auction style. Well, I wish him the best either way.
  12. Whole lotta Alleys!

    Interesting marble I found at an antique mall here in town yesterday.
  13. Ebay auctions make my head hurt

    He responds... Hi, I'm so sorry but I made a typo on the price of this. I was about to change the price but the purchase went through within moments of my noticing it. I'm in a bad situation since our house burned down in a wildfire last year and I lost my job. I've never had to cancel an order before, but I'm sorry but I have to cancel this. I'm so sorry, I'm selling on ebay to support my family. I hope you can understand and not leave a bad feedback. Sincerely, D.P. Well hopefully he gets a lot more for them. Sounds like he is in a bad situation.
  14. Ebay auctions make my head hurt

    Make one's head hurt...I bought this lot just to wake up the next morning to be told by the seller he made a mistake. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-100-Vintage-Marbles-AKRO-AGATE-Corkscrews-Oxblood-1930s-AMAZING-ESTATE-FIND/192396306032?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2748.l2649
  15. Now that is some funny shit... LMAO!