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  1. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    No, your marble was a christensen agate with nice tail action!
  2. what the..

    And here they are again.... 50.00 already? WTF! https://www.ebay.com/itm/449-Marbles-vintage-Hand-made-Boulders-Mineral-Agate-style/401442190967?hash=item5d77d1b677:g:TDoAAOSwTQtaC219
  3. Just missing a friend...

    22,000 plus post Steph? Thank you for always being there for everyone! Your one of the very reasons this hobby will continue to grow. Shanealee said "You are the Greatest Steph" thank you for being there for me and everyone else!
  4. Just missing a friend...

    Some people just amaze me all the time! Payment of 100.00 has been donated to Louis Campanara Hobby Co. The winning bidder paid and doesn't have a need for the marbles. Richie said, Alan was awesome and he was happy to give to the hobby he loves and the great people that makes the marble connection work! I agree.... Thank you Richie! I added the extra 40.00, because Richie is right... I want to thank all who bid. May God Bless you all and have a good evening...
  5. Just missing a friend...

    I will tell you the story.... Donna surprised me one day, Alan was at the door... What I said? Yes it was Alan and what a birthday it was! Donna bought him the plane ticket and promised him any marble in our marble collection if he showed up. Alan was nothing short of respectful... and as he looked through our collection he didn't even take the most valuable one. He took one, which he sold in his most trying days and yes we bought it back. He helped us in so many ways and to be trueful if it wasn't for Alan our daughter Shanalee would not respected the hobby like she does today! Everyone can makes a difference, so thank you all for being part of something great like Marble Alan!!!
  6. Just missing a friend...

    and thank you! It's the little things in life that enriches the rest of us.
  7. Just missing a friend...

    and the last marble I have to offer. Thank you Alan for always being there for us! The winning bidder will get all of the marbles posted here. Thanks, Mike and Donna If the winning bidder wants to donate the the winning amount to the marble connection that will be fine as well and once Steph or one of the team members let me know the donation has been made I will mark it paid and ship your the marbles.
  8. I was at an estate auction in Grand Island Nebraska bidding on some marbles and there was a couple older gentleman talking about Frank C. And the one good old boy drove those marbles way past what I was willing to pay, but to see the joy in his face when he won those marbles was priceless!
  9. Just missing a friend...

    He was truly helpful to so many people in so many ways! Here's another marble... has some as made issues, but don't we all.
  10. The one does have a Peltier look to it. Nice Tiger eye Vitro's!
  11. Just missing a friend...

    Here's another that will go with the attached auction. CAC swirl... Everyone is welcome to donate marbles, but please post and mail the marble/marbles you donate to the winning bidder. I will contact those who donate once the auction ends with the winner name and address. Thank you for supporting your marble community!
  12. Underwater marble photos

    So cool...
  13. Just missing a friend...

    Think of him often... and his enjoyment/friendship while looking through the glass.
  14. Just missing a friend...

    one that will take a ride with this auction.
  15. "Thinking of you tonight... Alan Basinet" https://www.ebay.com/itm/162742688829?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Just wanted to thank you all for being such a great part/impacted on my life! My God Bless you all...