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  1. Peach color

    Craig, is this close?
  2. Alley?

    Are any or all of these Alley? Bottom left has hairline oxblood. Approx. 5/8". Thanks for any help. Burt
  3. Hi Steph, The D.A.S. FABB Coastal run was produced on August 22, 2017. Thanks for providing the picture. Burt
  4. Here's a "beaut". 7/8".
  5. Land & Sea with thin aventurine ribbons
  6. Slags

    Here are a couple. 25/32" and 61/64". Burt
  7. Gray-Based Marbles?

    Gray base peltier shooter
  8. Curious About The Large Blue" One

    Is the base transparent or opaque?
  9. Peewee Marbles Are So Cool!

    These all are 1/2" and less.
  10. They bought an Akro Agate Corkscrew (double ingot) from me and returned it for a full refund saying my description was incorrect. I have the corkscrew and they have the refund. That's cool. There are three guys there with whom I have had considerable correspondence. Brad and David are congenial business men. James is their marble expert. James told me he has been a marble seller for two months, is a fast learner, and has 100's of hours in marble study, and has bought $50,000.00 worth of marbles in that time. I think it is only reasonable that he would get some things right and some things wrong, just like most of us. I have seen them list some pretty nice marbles and some others. Burt
  11. Need Help. Ca?

    It's a tiny 33/64". Two seam. Thanks for any help. CA? Burt