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  1. Any interest?

    here's is a killer 3/4 hybrid pop. Htf in this size and colors. Mint with 1 small speck of oven brick. You tell me but I'm thinking $275 shipped
  2. eBay mibs

    Thank you all,. It's a great pelt but no buyers
  3. eBay mibs

    Thank you,. But not in u.s. Dollars
  4. eBay mibs

    It's there, have 4
  5. eBay mibs

    It's there
  6. eBay mibs

    I'm not sure how to send a link on here but eBay id is sweetjewel23,. I have some nice Mibs on there and one is a superman hybrid. Mabey a blue Galaxy/ superman hybrid? Please take a look, there nice.......thank you
  7. Onionskin With Mica

    Nice marble
  8. Peltier Citrus?

    The second one looks like a Christmas tree citrus
  9. C A Cs, Anyone?

    I've got 2 listed on eBay. Sweetjewel23
  10. Eight Fingers?

    No, this only has 6 fingers and its a pelt
  11. Gooseberry??

  12. Peewee Micas

    Sorry have pee wee yellow
  13. Ur awesome steph , thanks
  14. There in the gallery under pelts, I can't get them out
  15. Pelts