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  1. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    It wound up with me and being a reproduction, or whatever terminology you would like to use, would explain why I thought the colors used were so strange in hand. Not much transparency in it to pin down a color either but I will go with "red".
  2. Slag or swirl.... how can you tell?

    Swirls look more sloppy and the white more often than not isn't as rich or opaque.
  3. Color challenge thread

    I'm too lazy to clear this frog off so here's a bunch of peaches among other things. Let's go with red.
  4. American Agate

    Trying to get a more definite idea on size range for these...9/16-25/32~ is the range I've been able to find. Does anyone have or know of larger (or smaller) examples?
  5. Not sure why they'd do a peewee one but on the other hand the board is small too. This also came with a handwritten letter to the telegraph giving instructions on how to beat the game with a step by step move list.
  6. John Jaques & son peewee handmade solitaire for $40, no complaints here
  7. Bulgarian

    Style to the left I like quite a bit, I found the handgathered ones to be pretty underwhelming in terms of pattern and color but also didn't make any special requests.
  8. Bulgarian

    Bulgarians showed up. The group is split about 50/50 between handgathered slag style and a frit style. The frit style is further subdivided into a group that has the frit primarily on the outside and a type with it on the inside similar to a cloud in some cases. Those are the most interesting ones in my opinion...photos to follow once the camera is charged up.
  9. Bulgarian

    Bought a group of 90, if there is anything noteworthy I'll share here when they show up.
  10. How to buy a great vintage handmade marble

    Eye appeal has always been the primary factor for me even above condition in terms of how much to spend. I still kick myself for not pushing harder on a crystal brick, a pretty darn rare marble, in a running rabbit auction many years ago but the pattern just couldn't convince me to go higher...i guess that's 'losers remorse' and not buyers eh?
  11. Bulgarian

    That's actually one of the nicer examples I've seen, nice pattern. What is the actual base glass color when backlit?
  12. CAC or MFC Handgathered with clear base.

    Not MFC, looks a lot like an American Agate to me
  13. Bricks

    1/2" on these yay or nay? Anything larger than 7/8" out there that doesn't fall under factory take home (crystal brick etc.)? Trying to recall, but cant
  14. question

    I can't say whether it was a time period issue or a run issue but there are definitely differences in quality on German made. The better ones closely resemble Christensen slags with the others having more washed out less vibrant transparent base glass color and a somewhat translucent white tending to be on the surface. If the red one is also a striped transparent then most Christensen Agate slags could be categorized that way. If the blue one got a special designation instead to show that its not a slag because of that extra color then nothing else would have to change. Or, if you own it you can call it whatever you like.
  15. question

    Seams look different to me...the striped transparent has a pointier V shaped seam with a rougher cut that isn't perfectly smooth. The red 'slag' is the type I've always associated with the more well made Germans, maybe older? Just my opinion