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  1. Who did vaseline glass slags?

    If I remember right this also has "sick" glass and will take on a strong vinegar smell from time to time. I didn't notice it today and have also not noticed any new damage because of it but I'm also not looking at it under a microscope. It has the same not entirely smoothed out cutline I'd expect for the type that I did my best to photograph but didn't come out the greatest.
  2. Who did vaseline glass slags?

    Akro and Christensen yes, peltier probably not
  3. Who did vaseline glass slags?

    Potentially all of them but if Peltier did I have no idea how you'd identify it, the rest are really obvious. All the slag colors I know of can be found handgathered.
  4. Who did vaseline glass slags?

    Peltier and Christensen Agate have it in two flavors, Akro has it in one. Edit: I've also got a Vaseline with identical construction to the Canadian 2 color opaques...take from that what you will.
  5. Is it a Pelt slag?

    I guess the only issue I'd have with it is that giving up ground on qualities that tightly define the feathered pelts would produce more than there probably should be. Feathered pelts relative to other slags are rare in the absolute sense and have a pretty tight size range at about 9/16 - 3/4. If that had been clear instead of blue I wonder if the ID would have gone the same way
  6. Is it a Pelt slag?

    Interesting, did anyone happen to tell you why they felt that way?
  7. Morphy

    If anybody here won lot #627 in the December Morphy auction and wants to trade off the damaged eggyolk/black transitional, PM me!
  8. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    I can't dispute that CA story since I wasn't there but I would hazard a guess that morphy slag was MFC. Long relatively straight shear but the photos conveniently omit the end opposite the viewer. That's where I'd be looking for a CA "ear". It's also a known production size for MF...my $.02
  9. Looking to buy/trade for:

    Slags: Lavender: 1/2", 9/16" Teal: 1/2", 7/8", 1" Aqua: 1" Peach: 1/2", 9/16", 11/16", 3/4" Others: Electric Orange: Most Sizes American Agate (HG): 3/4"
  10. Display Case

    https://my.mixtape.moe/xpkiqr.jpg Super nice all, thanks!!
  11. Put in your max bid with a buffer and then you won't have to worry about a snipe because you've already offered what you expect to spend. Unless things have changed it costs money to use a third party service and while not against any rules it's somewhat against the spirit of an auction not leaving the other parties enough time to counter. It's also the nature of the system like ebay and something you'll have to get used to.
  12. what is it?

    Ill go with ground cullet that was hit with a torch to get some orange peeling. Edit: looks like fine air bubbles in the white in photo 1, stand by the torch theory...
  13. Post Some 9's

    Ah the Canadians...here's one I remember Roger Browse saying he didn't think the color combo existed on (opaque orange/opaque white). Shame about the pops...
  14. Display Case

    Over at Land of Marbles there used to be a pine display case for sale, this would be going back many years now. I contacted the gentleman who runs tech support there and he didn't seem to know the make or where I could find another as they no longer carry it. They measure about 25"x13"x2-1/2" made of pine with a clear acrylic insert on the lid instead of glass. Anyone here familiar with this case and knows where I might be able to find another? I'm pretty fond of this style, it's light and holds a ton of marbles.