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  1. Real vs. Repro

    Those are definitely NOT thornburgs,just look at the crazing...those are toms teacher,brownie !!!
  2. Chrissy ??? Really ? Down and gone in 13 hours... "If its not an illusion, its just another day in school "
  3. Ya,the conclusion is..."You can tell marble collectors, you just can't tell em much"
  4. #1...Unbelievable heavy color combo #2 ...Never seen in mib books #3 ...Never seen at shows #4 ...Been collecting over 35 years #5 ...Always looking for those exact heavier color combos in chrissys and hand mades #6 ...Could be that mib has been retired and never seen light of day... UNTIL NOW ...possibly,but highly unlikely... If B.E. had ever had this mib in hand,you could make book that it would have been bought,shot,and in a book years ago...or...in Morphys auction with the prices they get,not the bay,and not at that starting price,especially with a 3/4 (once in lifetime mib) also with it on the bay #7 ... Orange Peel,Orange Peel, Orange Peel #8 ... You call it,as you see it
  5. 90 years later

    Obviously Dude,it must be you that collects vacor,because apparently you haven't been in the game long enough to have new collectors super excited that have vacors in their new collection,stepping up to a $50,$100 or higher denomination mib, and showing seasoned collectors,only to find out its a knockoff or repop !!! Is it just me,or is there a open thread in real time discussing fake popeye boxes,you've got to be joking !!! Lol
  6. 90 years later

    Reality is not negativity,and Road&tunnel,shamrock,patrick,etc...and even your oxblood transitionals i got burned on with pontils,"before you started signing them"did Not come from a gob feeder!!! I'm not posting to start s@#t, but i'm not rolling over either,I've had in hand mibs made at dave o's in reno way back,where they would have lampworkers with there station's, and offhand workers with their color pots right next to the screws a rollin,with the day tanks not even lit !!! PLEASE !!!
  7. 90 years later

    Ya,perfect knockoffs,folks get ur millers dusted off and get em ready to list on the bay...Quickly!!!