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  1. They are great! Even better now that I know what they are and that they glow up so bright! I really thought someone had tried to make marbles and didn’t do a very good job haha. You guys offer great advice and information here for someone who knows nothing about marbles.
  2. I love getting the black light out on my marbles. Here are a couple I had some fun with last night! Pictures aren’t great was having a tuff time with the black light pictures. Not really sure other then the Jabos what they are but their glow is awesome. Oh and my little Apple mistake is a glower too so cool!
  3. Thanks so much! I attached a picture of the two in question! Hopefully they help.
  4. I have these green ones I am curious about, any info would be amazing thanks!!
  5. I wasn’t sure about the damage on it. I have added a photo let me know what you think.
  6. Thanks I had no idea! I will definitely have a look with the black light!!
  7. I was given these marbles a long time ago. They are very mis-shaped any idea?? Do you think they might have been homemade??
  8. Great!! Thanks very helpful!!
  9. So sorry still a little new to this haha I have attached a photo of what I now know as German swirls I think. If anything stands out please let me know! thanks again for all the quick responses. Been so helpful in identifying my collection. the condition in most of them are not great but still love them!
  10. That’s good to know! I will keep that in mind when I am going through them! I have so many and would just love to learn more about them!
  11. That’s great!! They did look more new to me! Appreciate the advice! Thanks
  12. Perfect!! That is so helpful! I have add a picture of the blue one a little closer, both sides and the size. Is that a pontil? The tiny apple its neat and glows so bright under uv light! Was curious thanks for that.
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