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  1. Name that flame!🔥

    I agree, Alley
  2. Hi All!

    Lol, I have a few Mikie. Anything in particular?
  3. Hi All!

    Hi all, life's busy lately, just thinking about all the cool people here. Stopped by to say hi.
  4. Google this, a very good read about the topic. US 1529947 A
  5. Is injected and variegated not the same when talking glass marbles? Freese was injecting different colors of glass into the main stream as early as 1922. Galen? Bud taps foot on the floor. GALEN???
  6. Mike It's seems I remember reading that slags were for the most part single stream , meaning that the base color and white were melted in the same furnace. They didn't mix well due to the white having a heavier viscosity. Early slags were hand gathered. With swirls the white or other colors were injected into the stream of molten base glass. I'm at work and have no pictures but also hoping others will jump all over this. It could be a great thread! I hope to be corrected! Lol Bud
  7. They look a bit green for bumblebees to me. Fill me in Steph!
  8. Color challenge thread

    Some dandy mibs here! I never get tired of looking at them, never!
  9. What Are You Listening To Now?

    Doing some drywall today and classic blues seems to foot the bill. BB King, muddy waters, Stevie ray, etc. Made me want to go dig out my harmonica. Lol
  10. Let's see your horsehairs

    Looking back, ,,, every single marble posted in this thread could keep me looking long enough that I would need new batteries in my mag light. Beautiful every one!
  11. Marbles from a settlement

    So they have a history and famous now! Got to love that!
  12. Let's see your horsehairs

    Some very nice marbles everyone! Keep me coming.
  13. Random Non-Marble Eye Candy ( :

    Thank you Steph! Christina Marie, our great-granddaughter.
  14. Let's see your horsehairs

    Hi AL I'm really liking that blue in bottom row, center. Oh and the aqua and white left side second up. The more I look both top ones are awesome. Well "#-!#% I like em all!