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  1. Random Conversation Thread

    Does anyone here like paleontology?
  2. What Are You Eating Right Now?! (:

    Some squishy bread.
  3. Random Conversation Thread

    Been a while since I last visited. How is everyone doing?
  4. Season's Greetings

    Hope you all have the worst Christmas ever!!!
  5. Vintage TV

    90s commercials is mah jam.
  6. Moving ....

    ELEVEN. YEAR OLD COMPUTER ELEVEN YEARS OLD. ... You're joking right?
  7. Anybody ever try Haiku

    five syllables for first, then seven for next one and then five again
  8. Learn Something New Every Day-Ish

    Yep, all replaced.
  9. Learn Something New Every Day-Ish

    Every 5 years, all of the atoms in your body are replaced with new ones.
  10. Horror Story

    Too much noodles for my soup. And when I added more soup, there was too much soup for noodles.
  11. Horror Story

    I woke up one day. I started changing but couldn't find my left sock. Then when I got to school I remembered I forgot my homework. When I stepped outside the classroom, it was a bit chilly. As I was walking home, I saw a spider. My pencil broke while I was doing hw. Then during dinner, I realized there was no more apple juice in the house. When I went to brush my teeth, the toothpaste had been moved. I think, I'm not sure. It was a very scary horror experience. What are your horror stories?
  12. Gotta try this!

    Pretty cool.
  13. What Are You Eating Right Now?! (:

    I was eating a steak and eggs sandwich.