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Review of black flocked 50-ct display tray for $3.95

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I bought one of these  from eBay for $3.95 with shipping.


  • Very cheap display or sorting option, especially for 1" marbles (you can also squeeze three 5/8" in each compartment).
  • Flocked to provide protection and silence
  • Black helps marble colors pop
  • Compartments are spaced apart to allow you to roll around 1" marbles without knocking each other
  • Roomy compartments make it easy to spin marbles around and get the best angle without touching neighbors.


  • Flimsy. Must be very careful if trying to transport these filled with marbles. Joints can split if you bend them too much.
  • Your mibs won't be aligned, which I know drives OCD types batty
  • Marbles won't stay perfectly put where you put them.

With the right support structure these might be good for sellers at shows who want more room for their mibs to be easily picked up or, manipulated without needing to be picked up.



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I have some of these that they fit into.  Wouldn't stack with big marbles in them.  Would take care of the problem with the flimsiness ... at a greater price.  


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