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  2. Me and Mike Johnson checking in Tuesday afternoon. Just so everyone knows I’ll be setting up for picture taking sessions for the Christensen Agate book we just started working. If anyone wants to share any high end Christensen Agate marbles make sure to let me know for a setup.
  3. Last week
  4. Quite remarkable! Amazing marbles and incredible insight for us novice or beginners alike.
  5. I was going to say vacor spaghetti.
  6. ok Im going to a different way to show them learning process
  7. Alley or Ravenswood. Would need more views.
  8. 1 = Alley 2 = Probably Alley, would need to see more views of the same marble. 3 = Alley 4 = Patch of some kind. Need more views and closer. 5 = Alley
  9. Pictures are to far away from the marbles to know. A white background sometimes does not work well with a white base marble.
  10. It's a West Virginia swirl, from the 1940's or thereabouts, I think. But which WV company? @wvrons .... jmglenn has some browns .....
  11. Not seeing enough of the internal structure to judge.
  12. This is a game marble. Considered "solid color" thought it might have some variations in shade. It is almost impossible to ID who made a game marble unless you have the actual package in which it was originally sold. Game marbles was a big industry which many manufacturers took part in.
  13. This is a modern Asian cage-style cat's eye.
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