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  2. The top left looks a little different to me but still probably Peltier. Yes, Peltier on the rest. Top right is or is close to a 7-Up. (Would you call that a transparent green base? 7-Ups have transparent green bases.) The bottom left is a Sunset.
  3. I'm finding more & more Peltiers lately, and misclassifying some 😀. Any of these have special names??
  4. Thanks guys. I'm going to have to dig back through the junk pile. I wonder what else I may have missed!
  5. Alley it is , Thanks !
  6. Shucks, I was really hoping it was American made . I'll keep it since it's the only marble I've come across with this type of design.
  7. Ruby Bee needs yellow. This marble was made with orange on a white base. Where it looks slightly like a shade of yellow is the orange thin over the white. Not a blended Ruby Bee.
  8. Thanks, Ron. I was finally getting there.
  9. Would like to have a better sense of the structure. The glass makes me think foreign, but older. Maybe transitional.
  10. My first thought was "what do the seams look like?" I see them on the edges of the photos though so I should be able to get this. The glass looks Pelty to me. Structure not so very Pelty, but still maybe in range. So that's where I'm leaning right now. Over 3/4" ? That can affect pattern. My second guess would be Vitro before Akro. By the time I finish writing this post, I might change my mind from Pelt to Vitro.
  11. Looks like a game marble to me. I'd consider it "solid color" in spite of the light blending.
  12. I don't know. The glass looks sort of Pelt-like. But the structure makes me think modern Asian. (Three ribbons mostly coming together on the end.)
  13. I had this one in the junk with all of chipped marbles. I think I was mistaking the pontil for a chip. It's on the opposite pole from the "9." Marble measures 3/4. Transitional slag??
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