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  1. Found this one over the weekend. Kind of neat looking brooch. Nice creative way to use a marble.
  2. I have a few of those. I have been told that they are called Church Windows which I guess is the same as tiffany windows. I never heard anyone else call them that. I love it when handmades get a little attention!! I am posting a pic of my candy marbles for felicia.
  3. joeager

    Holy Crap!

    Whoa. I have been watching this thread and have finally decided to jump in. Let me say this. The day I lose sleep over a marble is the day I stop collecting marbles. Life is way too short to take my hobby that serious. Hobbies are supposed to be fun. I think that is why it is called a hobby. Maybe some of you make it more like work. But on the flip side I wouldn’t fault anyone for taking marble collecting that serious. Especially if they are spending 1000+ on a marble. I have never bought one for that much but I have sold several for that amount and it does become very serious when that kind of coin is involved. It is the differences in us that should be celebrated not criticized. Most of us as humans always feel the need to compartmentalize or categorize our lives and the things in our lives and if that means giving each thing in it a name then so be it, but lets not forget, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet 1594, - Meaning: What matters is what something is, not what it is called. Could we say in this case, “A Superman by any other name would still be just a Marble”. I am not some newbie just jumping in, I have collected marbles for 30+ years and have sold 2 collections and started all over again. I collect mostly handmades. You wanna talk about serious ... Years ago when machine mades were not in style I sold a 5-gallon bucket for $200. That bucket contained over 70 plus tricolor Christensen flames, not to mention the rest of marbles. I thought I was getting a great deal too. Now that is friggin funny. I look back on that and still find it hilarious. I love marbles. Not only do I collect them I also use them for landscaping projects as well. Collecting is fun. Enjoy life and have no regrets.
  4. I had a good Marble weekend. I just got home from an auction and I have these. Not sure what company, the marbles in the boxes look like peltier. They might not be original to the box. Can anyone help me with these boxes or marbles. Also let me know if you are interested in anything you see.
  5. joeager

    Paper Mache

    I hope that all will forgive me for beating a dead horse so to speak but I am really interested in these papermache or gutta percha marbles. I really want to own one as well. Here is a link to a very good website that shows pictures and tells a history of the gutty golf ball. Link to gutty website Also you can see in some of the pictures that the paint or outlayer is coming off of many of these showing what I consider to the true color of gutta percha.
  6. joeager

    Paper Mache

    Here is what I know about Gutty Balls or Gutta Percha Golf Balls. They are Solid all the way through Very hard and have a loud thud when dropped or hit on a table. I have owned many of these find them interesting and the pictures of the the gutta percha marbles/paper mache look nothing like the gutty balls. I have also owned hundreds of gutta percha ambrotype/Daguerreotype cases which are the true color of gutta percha. It is mostly a reddish brown. I am wondering if these are actually made of gutta percha. If they are hollow maybe so but if they are solid it would be fairly heavy. I am confused about the name papermache being what people could compare it too. Is that back at the time they were made or modern times? Because back when gutty balls where made people were very familiar with gutta percha knew exactly what it was. I have lots of questions and I am sorry to be so misinformed. I would love to see what the inside of a papermache marble looked like.
  7. joeager

    Paper Mache

    I would like to hear about the differences as well. The name Paper Mache implies that was made of paper. Gutta Percha has nothing to do with paper nor is derived from paper. It is made from a plant and considered a latex product. They made golf balls called guttys from it in the late 1800s. It had 100's of uses in the late 1800's to the early 1900s. It is currently used in dentistry I believe. Would love to see some gutta percha marbles and paper mache marbles as well.
  8. THat looks like something I would call a snottie. I am going to call mine one as well but I think they look snottie enough to both be snottie. I think I will display mine with tissues.
  9. Don't know if this is a snottie or nottie. It seems to be hard to photograph for me.
  10. Just thought I would throw in a couple of handmades to look at. I like to see them on here once in a while and thought I would share some pictures of mine. The smallest is 11/16 and the two larger ones are 3/4.
  11. I would been interested in seeing some pics of the handmade swirls
  12. Thank you so much for posting those. I had forgotten all about it. They are very close. The clasp or hook is exactly the same. I am thinking of putting mine up on ebay soon.
  13. I have been posting so many marbles that I need help with I thought I would post a couple that I don't need any help with. Just for show and enjoyment. The first is a nice hand made loaded with aventurine. The two in the photo together are a couple of colored glass swirls. Thanks everyone with all your help with the others.
  14. Thanks for the quick ID on these. There is a lot of junk under the surface. If they are Vacor tho I think I will just let the children have them or outside decoration by my pool, unless they are worth a lot. I am still one of those hardcore Hand made collectors that is finding it hard to accept the machine mades.
  15. I don't know if they are vacor or not. I don't know the history of these. Here is another picture
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