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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/291372736621?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Anyone wants some more pics or close ups or info feel free to message me on the bay!! Thanks, Steven
  2. What type pf marbles came in the akro agate #250 box?? I found one at an antique store. It is full of all akro marbles.
  3. Pic 7 right next to the big bubbly green onewhich is either a koko or pelt i believe. Two akros on right and a large either euro or master on the left
  4. I think it will. There are some real good ones in there. Lots of sneaky sleepers. little things like a bloody with a black line of av six color vitro unusual oxbloods alley UV thay is pristine 3/4" sparklers etc....very nice set.
  5. This one starts tonight at 9:30 the last one i did sold in about 15 hours. Lots of sleepers so check out the pics. Some great glass in there and i tried to hand pick wet mint to mint- very few are lower.Read the description.for the listings of mibs. ENJOY!! Great for collector or reselling . http://m.ebay.com/itm/301452562059?nav=SCHEDULED
  6. Great mix of good ones. Excellent set that most all display mint except some of the germans. http://m.ebay.com/itm/301406457262?nav=SELLING_ACTIVE
  7. Well i have another one from the same batch. Its just not as minty but matches stephs bottom pic almost exactly.
  8. It has two at top and one extra on one side. the one extra on "bottom" has a thin lin of green also.
  9. It has the wispy brown and thin green line.
  10. I would think hand gathered will be the first marble's to crumble in price for long term because of the way they can be duplicated.Unless there is a way to put a test to glass density/color how can you tell? Given choices I would say the first listing is a "modern".... the second has an older look to it......but what the heck is an older look???
  11. Hannchan1 is a regular buyer from me. Great person and as long as you go out of your way to "TRY" then you can't be faulted. I have used a local professional six times to verify a grade that I bought a marble at. One is currently listed on ebay and I stated as much in the listing. I bought it graded at 9.6 and I'm selling it at 9.6 professionally graded. It's a fabulous blue oxblood. As inexperienced collectors all you can do is try and be as descriptive as you canand come close!!
  12. Not much of a plug since they have over 40 watchers but anyways. I'm doing a small liquidation of some MIBS. Really nice 9.6 graded blue oxblood 3/4" shooter, some sweet popeye hybrids, Alley/wvswirls. A big lot of 35 of my favorites....master marble company....waaaaa A golden rebel, a STUNNING Peltier Wasp, and a whole lot of others. I will be dropping sleepers in the mix to keep ya'll on your toes.......................just saying watch the lots. The alley abalone goes up in price tomorrow without a confirmed bid, it really needs to be preserved/museum or something.......IDK what to do with such a crazy one of a kind. Also listed that controversial blue and black marble that was in the ID section.......the non-descrip no one knows marble that has 20 watchers???hmmmmmmm ya'll have fun and have at it unless ur name is scattered on ebay then oh well.
  13. AWESOME!!!! Sometimes tips to small town locales payoff!!!
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