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    Anyone looking to sell agates, I'm always in the market. I'm looking for black ones specifically.
  2. http://www.iphoneappsfinder.com/games-apps/play-marbles/ There's a link to a review of the app.
  3. this one is a tough call... part of me can see the pelt... akro makes sense... and vitro, well.. i've fully confused myself. great study piece!
  4. I have one, ill send you some pics. Its about 13" across.
  5. Theres some others too... "Play marbles" and "marbles" i was consulted on the game play on "marbles" when it was in the developing stages. Its not 100% accurate, but still fun to play!
  6. I would love to see photos of these names listed
  7. I collect just about everything except jabos, but I have a few of those that are just too pretty to part with. Im not big on contemporary stuff either. I perfer a few contemporary artists. simpson, matthews, beetam, & seese are my favs
  8. Hey everyone! I think i belonged to this site when i first started collecting, and dont really know why i didnt stick around. Well, im back and glad to be in good company!
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