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  1. We have finally gotten around to making Round 6 after a couple of weeks off. If there is anything you think we can improve on, please feel free to let us know. Thanks
  2. Thanks Chad. If you click on the bell next to the subscriber button, you should be able to change the settings so you get a notification every time we upload a new video.
  3. Round 5 is up and ready. We have a new track and some special guests...
  4. And here is Round 4. This is our favourite so far:
  5. We wont have finals in this. It will simply just be a straight up league and however finishes top wins. But good choices though!
  6. Round 2 is out now. Come and watch and let us know who your favourite is to win. We'd love to hear from you. https://youtu.be/NcHph3yvVF4
  7. Thanks mate. We really appreciate it. I know this is a big ask, but would you be willing to share our videos across whatever social media platforms you have access to? Please don't feel obligated, but if you were it would just be that extra bit of help to get this channel up and going.
  8. It will be coming soon. I need to update all their profiles and stats now.
  9. Round 1 is now ready to watch. It's a tight finish too.... Follow the link below to watch. https://youtu.be/z5fO3hfQgrY
  10. Haha. The thought had crossed my mind to get her one. I'm not sure she would go along with it though!
  11. I ordered a T-shirt for myself and my son that arrived a couple of days ago and they turned out quite well.
  12. Wow thanks!! It was easy to set up. Redbubble is a sight where anyone and submit a picture that can be added to those products.
  13. Here you go https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/72931294
  14. Thanks, we intend to. I even put the logo I made onto Redbubble so we could sell some merchandise (not that I am expecting to - but you never know!). I ordered some T-Shirts that came in the mail today and actually turned out alright. I can now officially embarrass my wife by dressing my son and I the same when we go out haha
  15. Thanks a lot. It's been fun painting and making new obstacles. My son is loving it.
  16. Thanks. Yeah that was partly down to me. It was getting challenging trying to make a new video every weekend. We are looking to keep the momentum going now that the channel is a bit bigger now we are approaching 600 subscribers.
  17. Hi all, It's been a while since we have posted on here but we have been busy whipping up a new racing series for our marbles. We have made a few home improvements to our tracks after a bit of painting, gluing and nailing. PLus we have tried to improve some of the graphics that go with our videos. See below the first two videos of our new series. The first is a montage showing the initial stats of our marbles and the second is a head to head elimination race. Enjoy and feel free to make and constructive comments to help us improve. Thanks https://youtu.be/rRU5q6BDrQs https://youtu.be/BHPbsNOiih4
  18. They certainly have. They are hard to get hold of too.
  19. HI all, It's been a while since we have posted here but here are a couple of our latest videos where we used hotwheels tracks to make drag lanes for a our marbles to compete in a head to head knock out. There are 2 videos. The first is a round of 16 and the second is the quarter finals and onwards. Enjoy... https://youtu.be/nnBHwNFkncc https://youtu.be/xSmt5kDU-LE
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