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  1. Marian

    Help ID 34

    Are they too bubbly to be Peltier, then, Ron? Because that’s what I would have guessed.
  2. Marian

    Help ID 31

    Oh my!! I love that purple slag!!!
  3. Marian

    Help ID 27

    Not sure the brown was a color...maybe furnace dirt? But kind of looks vitro with the color variation.
  4. I want to say Peltier Rainbo....but I can’t find anything that says they made just white ribbons
  5. Marian


    Ideas? Asking for a friend
  6. Ok that’s odd-it worked here???
  7. I have been getting that ever since I got the iphonex....I have to email to myself, download to docs, resize then I can
  8. I don’t know ... it just stood out a bit 😉
  9. Top picture...that white ‘fluorescent ‘ looking one...I wonder why it looks orange?
  10. Marian


    I’m thinking the blue is just an odd catseye but seam? Red clear maybe a sunburst? The tiny on left looks like a patch? Not sure if white and red is a swirl or wonky corkscrew? And the one on the right is different? Some kind of foreign catseye or a master?
  11. Marian


    I know the smaller ones are game marbles..anything about the other three I should know or are they Jabo?
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