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  1. What is the thin dark swirl on the bottom champion, Ron?
  2. That is very helpful! Thank you! And I’ve already decided the purple lutz at the bottom will be in my search radar!
  3. So these special runs could be quite fun! Is there documentation or a book or website that describes the runs, how they were financed, etc.? You have so much experience with marble production and collectibles!!!
  4. The other flea market find from 2/7/12 Jabo Badger Run
  5. One of two Jabo’s I got at a flea market. My first marble find at a flea market! Part of the Badger Run on 2/7/12
  6. Interesting! Thank you! I am thrilled to have finally found some!!
  7. Marian


    Severely damaged, but name or kind? Thanks!
  8. Marian

    Looks Jabo

    But was with some older handmade?
  9. Any valued more than others? Is the pink a fancy?
  10. Marian

    Any name

    This poor baby is damaged but does it have a name? Is it an onion skin?
  11. Marian


    Would these be considered crockery?
  12. Alan: Unfortunately, I did that in those 2 pictures 😢😢
  13. So obviously, my only sulphide is very damaged. So much so, it is hard to tell if it is actually a stork, but that is my guess...It seems to me that it would be nice to restore, as there appears plenty of clear glass around the figure in all directions. Any thoughts?
  14. So I took a few under water...
  15. Yes! Totally makes sense! I have a very damaged sulphide, but it is quite large, so I would think if restored, there would be a pretty marble for my collection....Thanks, Steph!
  16. This might seem like a dumb question, but is it better to restore if chipped up? Are there any times or examples that should not be restored? What about sulphides? I have a good sized sulphide but condition is horrible...
  17. I don’t know what it is...Is it water damage on finish? Looks like a seashell but then it doesn’t?
  18. Bottom is what they look like in drawer...lol Best colors?
  19. Marian

    2 similar

    Any ideas on this? I can’t really capture true colors.
  20. That is cool memory/keepsakes!!!
  21. Marian

    No idea

    Awww! Thank you! Yes, similar but lighter..definitely glows (yellowish)
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