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  1. I never saw this before, it's in my collection Does anybody see this before? A JC marble with a Latt. core inside. The core has at least 4 differnet colours (maby 5 or 6 but hard to see) 20 mm NM
  2. Hi Ther, I found this small box with 4 of 1/2 inch Japanese transitional marbles inside from Codeg. Size = 6,2 x 1,5 cm II want to share it with all of you
  3. The rest of my opaques (one is more trans.) and a few are more swirly then stripd
  4. Yes, It can take some time but i will Yes but It can take soms time. Bush now
  5. Hi. In have about 15 opaque ones now. Buy the ones i poster are the best ones.
  6. Germanmade striped opaque 2 seam marbles ca 1920
  7. HI HI In 2018 i'm focused on the Early German striped 2 - seam marbles Here 2 very nice ones, dia ca. 23,5 mm I like the colours
  8. I have four of them by the way
  9. Thanx There where a lot of WV swirls in the same lot
  10. See pictures of these 2 marbles Clear base witch brown white patch
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