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  1. may i ask? being sheared, does this leave a mark? if so or not, can anyone show a good closeup?
  2. well i would say it was made before they found out marbles are choking hazards for kids. maybe these rattles were how people found out when the rattle broke apart. bet there was a recall or stop sell on these long ago. anyone got a way for seaching long ago recalls. jeannie
  3. 1998-2005 bocci sending a few scans here in a second jeannie
  4. got my book today too!! it also has a bunch of pages showing JABO's and the years. yes this is a positive book for us newbies, FAKE SELLERS ON THE BAY----BE AWARE!!!!! we have THE BOOK!!!
  5. moonzone

    Cut Lines ???

    YES!! to all peoples who can lend a helpful knowledge of such a confusing question of is it this or is it a that? or WHAT THE? need of quizzes and true or false and multiple choice questions, to let it all sink into our brain stems. WOW!! by all means let this posting rise and soar!! marbles are a tough knowlege, but i'm sticking it out. the hints are there just gotta see and learn them. jeannie
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